Audition and Casting Success Stories

 "I truly enjoy being a member of To Be Seen. I have recommended it to many friends and will be recommending it to many more."


Sam Fink, Actor



"To Be Seen is one site that I make sure I stay on, as I have got some great work through it. The team at To Be Seen are lovely and will always get back to you if you need help or advice."

Andrianna Cristofi, Presenter


"The shoot went really well and we look forward to working with To Be Seen again, they handpicked the right people for the job making my work as director a lot easier."

Nate Wiseman, Film Producer/Director


To Be Seen continues to be a fantastic resource for me as a Presenter. I have been cast in quite a few jobs as well as gained invaluable industry contacts via the website. The jobs & opportunities are nicely varied; this month I start my new job as the Salvation Army reporter and they got me the job as the host of the new reality TV show Acting Raw. I've also been cast in numerous corporate presenting jobs and I'm sure there will be many other exciting jobs to come!

Esther Shephard, Presenter


"We always have a great response from using To Be Seen. Thank you!"

Kate Nixon, Producer, RDF Media




"I found eight actors on To Be Seen recently. Your service saved me from contacting a costly casting agent. They were great and just what we needed. Thanks for making it so easy."

Hilary O'Hare, Producer/Director, Simply Global KISS FM TV Ident

"We've always found the actors we were looking for really quickly and easily through To Be Seen, and continue to make it one of our first calls when we're casting for commercials. The range of talent is great and the information very accessible and easy to access."

Tom Harberd, Director, Tag productions


"I've had some great auditions, and got cast for some fantastic jobs through To Be Seen, I log on every day"

 Xanthe Bearman, Presenter/Comic Actor Legal TV Presenting Role 


To Be Seen offered a great service, not only finding a great selection that we cast from, but turning up some of the gems that make casting fun"

Matt Golding, Director, Rubber Republic


 "This was Cornetto’s big advert for the summer season.."

 Francis Castelli, Producer Walls Cornetto TV Commercial




 "Everyone got on well and had a real giggle! It was a very relaxed shoot"

Doon Ram, Actor, Southern Comfort Poster Campaign


"I applied to Legal TV (who are now RED TV) via To Be Seen. After successfully attaining the position of guest presenter with Legal TV. I have also become a regular guest presenter on RED TV for the last 6 months. Not to mention, I have also carried out a photoshoot for Sony VAIO all due to the help of the To Be Seen team. So a huge thank you To Be Seen for all your hard work."

Emma Fletcher, Actor RedTV Commercials


"Having worked with numerous casting agencies for commercials work, from a director's point of view, To Be Seen are right up there. Really good if you're looking to cast something a bit different than the usual too."

Guy Patterson, Director, Nike shoot


"I have been registered with To Be Seen for a year now. It is a fantastic online community and always keeps me up to date with new and exciting job opportunities. My favourite job opportunity was being part of the Buzz Playstation Advert. Thanks To Be Seen!"

Sally Whitaker, Actor


"Thank you so much for your help in casting for our music video. I will be sure to use your site again in future."

Jagdeep Uberoi, Director, Deeper Insights


"Most excellent, thanks again To Be Seen and I will be sure to recommend your site to all my collegues and contacts"

Nick Dunharrow, Producer


"I just wanted to thank you once again for having me in the Cornetto commercial"

Kevin Martin, Actor


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to travel to Spain with the Orange project. The project was a fantastic, unforgettable experience."

Craig Bonney, Actor, Orange TV Commercial 


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