The Legal TV studio is based in Birmingham. The small team at LTV work incredibly quickly and professionally, so there was little room for error when I filmed my first episode of "The Red Line". The main presenter, Dean Heely, also co-produces the show & really knows his stuff! He made me feel very comfortable, and went through the script with me beforehand, although all the links were on autocue, which made life easier!

Vijay, the producer was fantastic & really guided me through the interviews with the guests, suggesting questions via talkback and making sure we kept to time.

We filmed the show 'as live' and the hour went past in a flash. Dean & I got on so well and had a great rapport so I was delighted to be asked back to film a further two episodes of The Red Line.

Thanks very much to the team at LTV, and To Be Seen for another great opportunity...

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