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18 to 35

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

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I'm part of a team starting a comedy show seeking presenters/models/actors for a YouTube series.

This is for an ongoing series shooting two to three times a week. The programme will feature current affairs, satirical sketches on news stories and popular culture and we are searching for female presenters/models/actors whom aren't shy about doing crazy nut job things on camera! note: 99% of the time you will be in costume and your face will be covered (nowt kinky - just daft stuff!).

It'll be in the vein of a non-PC style chat show and participants will need to be free two/three evenings a week (this could be days - whatever is easier for all) for the shoot and one evening for a LIVE show.

I'm looking for people whom will:
a. laugh
b. join in the banter
c. a. & b. x10!

EVERYONE on the crew is giving their time for free. When the channel starts dribbling in money, we can all buy a flashy sports car and trash it, but until then, we're all in the same boat (or car).
Although I am saying everyone is working for free, £££s and hard work is being spent on this channel. This is my full time job, so I'm not entering this endeavour lightly!

Please message me if interested and we can arrange auditions etc.

Last, but not least; I don't want a penpal.

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