Simon Shiekh: An Insider's Guide To PR - Like You've Never Seen Before!

Payment Details:

Expenses Only





Age Range:

20 to 60

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Producers (and East Midlands based Voluntary PR agency) SSCOM GROUP currently need new cast members to help finish off filming for last 4 episodes (out of 7) for powerful new drama series on dementia storyline.

The first 2 and 4th episode (Part 1) of this 6 parter drama series, “Simon Shiekh: An Insider’s Guide To PR, Like You’ve Never Seen Before”, have already been uploaded on our YouTube channel (SSCOM GROUP) of late (as well as the complete series being released on DVD) dementia itself.

The huge storyline will show not only how everyone around them deal with the horrific consequences, but also how the rest of the cast members attempt to deal with what has happened in SSCOM land, affecting relationships across a wide spectrum, before an action-packed final episode 6.

We are incorporating a female sociopath and rogue landlord plot into the mix, in explosive style!

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