Short Film produced by University of the Arts London

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Expenses Only




Male, Female

Age Range:

16 to 70

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

This is a London College of Communication, University of the Arts London production.

The film is for 2018 MA Film course graduation final.

Our genre is drama/fantasy.

We will have three male characters, one child character, and one female character. This is a great opportunity to work with film professionals and film students in one of the best art universities in UK. Please see production details and roles brief as below:

[Key Information]

Production title: The Exchange
Production Type: Independent/Student (Graduation Project) Project Length: Short Film (15minutes)
Production location: London
Production Company: University of the Arts London
Director: Eric Wang
Producer: Sam Cao
(*Note: If you are interested in any roles, please specify them and attach your showreel link to this email, one of our crew member from production team will contact you shortly.)

[Key Dates]
Audition Dates – To be Announced (One week notice period).
Shooting Starts – 26th July, 2018
Shooting Ends – 1st August, 2018

After Lukas’s death, he lost his memory of his life before and comes to heaven, the beach of afterlife. The guard of heaven, Leonard, tries to persuade Lukas to sign a contract for his next life. Lukas refuses because he wants to know the reason of his death. Leonard tells Lukas that his father had poisoned him. Lukas cannot accept this.
Leonard uses magic to walk Lukas through his memories and review the relationship between Lukas and his father James. What was wrong with their relationship of father and son? What is the real truth behind it? Will Lukas chose to forgive him or not?

[Character Bios]

- Lukas

Appearance Age: 17-20
Gender: Male
Race: Unspecified
Language: English
Occupation: Student
Character traits: Sensitivity, stubborn

After the tragedy his father had started drinking, and lost his job, which made his dislike for his father fester even deeper. Which led him to clashing with his father in heated arguments, or resorting to ignoring him completely.
After he had died and came to the beach of the afterlife, he had lost his memories and when he finds his father had poisoned him, he cannot accept it. And when the angel walks him through his memories of his father, he gradually calms down and finds out his own problems and begins to understand both himself and, more importantly, his father. Actually his father had plans of his own suicide, and his son had died by accident.

- James

Appearance Age: 35-45
Gender: Male
Race: Unspecified
Language: English
Occupation: A surgeon who lost his job. Characteristic: has trouble expressing his own emotion

Once a good surgeon, focused on his work, while ignoring/being evasive towards his spouse. Past relationship with his son once very close in the past. Suffered deep pain after his wife had passed away. Pretends to be strong, and hides his deep- rooted remorse. After his wife death his relationship with his son had gone from bad to worse. He had lost his job because of a medical incident. He started drinking to self-medicate the problem. Eventually began drinking heavily due to constant blame from his son and his refusal to communicate. So he decided to commit suicide, but did not expect his son to take the poison by accident.

- Leonard

Appearance Age: 50-70
Gender: Male
Race: Unspecified
Language: English
Occupation: the guard of heaven, guiding soul to next life Characteristic: Humor, optimism, guidance, wise

He is a guardian of the Heavens. Responsible for receiving souls of the dead to the beach of the afterlife, guiding them through the process of signing contracts for their new lives. Has seen countless cases of life and death, and has grown a liking to taking souls through memories of their lives, and their stories. Does not, however, have any knowledge or recollection of his own past lives, or how he had become a Guardian. The journey with Lucas seems to eerily remind him of something.

- Lukas (Young)

Appearance Age: 7-12 Gender: Male
Race: Unspecified
Language: English Occupation: N/A Characteristic: Naive and cute

As a child, although his father is always busy on work, Lucas was very happy with both of his parents, until the time of his mother’s death. After which, he began distancing himself from his father.

- Lily
Appearance Age: 22-35 Gender: Female
Race: Unspecified
Language: English
Occupation: housewife Characteristic: considerate, kind

Only appearing in Lucas’s memory, Lily is a devoting wife and a loving mother, who took care of her husband and son. Died from a failed surgery. Her death has become the core conflict between James and Lucas.

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