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Male, Female

Age Range:

16 to 30

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Act 1: Avoidance. (Set in a press office)
2 male, 1 female.
Main Character: Harry. (Sufferer)
Characteristics: suffers with anxiety and panic attacks. Very timid, likes to shrink into the background and hates confrontation.
Dress: Shirt, tie, trousers. Professional looking but boring.

Character 2: Victoria. (Avoider)
Characteristics: fast tracker, want to get her own way. Doesn’t like working with Harry, thinks she might catch mental illness off him. Very conscious about her public profile.
Dress: Smart but very unapproachable. Slim trousers, shirt, waistcoat? Heels.

Character 3: Mick. (Boss)
Characteristics: gets things done, level headed. Caring but takes no crap. Father figure to Harry, gets annoyed sometimes with Victoria.
Dress: simple shirt, trousers, comfortable shoes.

Act 2: Representation in the Media. (Set in a news studio)
2 female, 2 male.
Main character: Gwen (sufferer)
Characteristics: crew member, deals with depression and passive suicidal thoughts. Not keen on presenter, likes to get things done. Work conscious. Feels very strongly about mental health.
Dress: work clothes. T-shirt, jeans, comfortable shoes.

Character 2: Taylor.
Characteristics: presenter. Doesn’t really care about what news stories. Likes being in front of the camera. Doesn’t care for the crew members expect the producer?
Dress: Smart dress.

Character 3: Will.
Characteristics: producer of the news program. Feels strongly about getting the facts right. Very meticulous, plans everything. Constantly looking at the clock.
Dress: shirt, waistcoat, trousers, smart shoes, lasses?

Character 4: Jacob.
Characteristics: crew member, deals with the sound. Friends with Gwen, calms her down when Taylor speaks out of turn. Very nurturing. Quiet, doesn’t like trouble.
Dress: same as Gwen. T-shirt, jeans ect.

Act 3: Education. (Set in a classroom)

2 female, 1 male.
Main Character: Amy Whitehall (Sufferer).
Characteristics: depression. Head teacher. Strict but is made fun of by the children who spread rumours around. Takes antidepressants to help. Determined to teach the kids about mental health.
Dress: blouse, jacket, trousers, flat shoes. Professional looking.

Character 2: Sarah.
Characteristics: student, Bit of a gossip, mean. Likes the spotlight, doesn’t like being spoken down to.
Dress: uniform. Simple shirt, generic tie? Skirt, tights, black flat shoes.

Character 3: David.
Characteristics: sympathises with Amy, though follows Sarah around like a lap dog. Eventually gets Sarah to shut up and listen instead of spreading rumours. Kind, smart.
Dress: uniform. Shirt, trousers, tie, trainers.

Act 4: Bullying. (Set in a college)
3 male, 1 female.
Main character: Andrew. (Sufferer)
Characteristics: eating disorder, body image problems. Not one of the lads, likes books and focuses on studying. Quiet but funny.
Dress: Casual clothes. T-shirt, shirts, jeans, trainers.

Character 2: James. (Bully)
Characteristics: bully, egotistical. Demands Andrew partake in sports, drinking. Thinks Andre s a girl, makes sun of mental health. Boyfriend to Freya.
Dress: chav. Tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts. Worn trainers.

Character 3: Ed.
Characteristics: scared of James, sympathises with Andrew. Tends to stay out of it, bystander. Does eventually stand up to James.
Dress: check shirts, jeans, trainers.

Character 4: Freya.
Characterises: Doesn’t like arguments, tries to distract James when he’s; bullying Andrew. Spits up with James at the end for being a bully. Smart, caring. Stubborn.
Dress: jumpers, jeans, boots. Comfortable clotting.

Act 5: Family. (Set in living room.)
2 male, 1 female.
Main character: Danny. (Sufferer)
Characteristics: eldest child, suffers with BPD, self-harm. Gets upset very quickly. Worries about his family. Likes writing.
Dress: Hoodies, jeans, trainers.

Character 2: Michelle.
Characteristics: mother. Doesn’t understand the condition. Wants Danny to be normal, compares him to younger siblings (Off stage) and friends’ kids. Flustered.
Dress: louses, skirts, flat shoes.

Character 3: Alex.
Characteristics: James uncle. Brother to Michelle. Does understand the condition, tries to reason with Michelle. Encouraging, laid back.
Dress: t-shirts, jeans, lace up shoes. Typical cool uncle.

Act 6: Ignorance. (Set in a bar) other actors maybe on stage as punters?
3 females.
Main character: Helena. (Sufferer)
Characteristics: OCD. Always touching things, washes hands compulsively. Still likes to see friends. Florist, patient and well mannered. Doesn’t let mental health stop her.
Dress: Shirts, jeans, pumps.

Character 2: Laura.
Characteristics: ignorant! No idea about mental health. Thinks she’s being helpful and she’s not, Takes offense easily. Bit pushy.
Dress: blouses, skirts, trainers.

Character 3: Jen.
Characteristics: finds mental health interesting. Support for Helena. Illustrator. Smart, always got a song in her head.
Dress: nice dresses, cardigans, pumps.

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