Road Manager Tour in France and Belgium

Payment Details:



UK Wide


Male, Female

Age Range:

25 to 40

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Pickles by EITC is looking for four road managers.

Their job would be to drive and lead a team of three actors, from early November to mid April, about 20 weeks work.

Description of the job:

-The road manager will have to drive the cast to the venues of the show and to and from accommodation.
-He will organise the venue itself, organizing chairs, lights, and any other task in order to transform the space provided (often a canteen, library, sport hall) into a decent theatre space. Specific training will be provided by the company.
-He will check that sound and lighting equipment are set up and working properly.
-He will liaise with staff of the school hosting the performance.
-He will have a relatively minor role in performance.
-Within the show, he will operate the sound system, and eventually the light (if the setting is not a full lash)

-Over 25
-Good time Keeper
-Full driving licence
-Good social skill
-Speaking French would be an advantage

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