Multiple Roles for Series Pilot - Male and Female Actors Needed

Payment Details:





Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 45

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We are looking for leads, supporting, and smaller roles for a new series pilot/proof-of-concept.

The completed film will be used as a proof-of-concept in pitching for distribution.

These roles are paid.

The series is about a group of young radical left activists in contemporary London and their slide into moral compromise.




LOLA - Female, 18 - 26

Lead. Lola is a philosophy student, communist and online model.*
Ipulsive, insecurities and shyness compensated for by tenacity and empathy. Sincere, youthful, impatient. From south London. Mother dead. Poor relationship with father. Partial immigrant heritage (south Asian).

*The pilot will NOT require nudity, but a scene undressing/in underwear.


DEE - Female, 18 - 26

A woman who approaches Lola and first inducts her into the clandestine group's work. She appears to be a student.

Strong-minded, moralistic, expressive. Kind to children.


JOJI - Male, 18 - 30

Charming wastrel. Something like mischievousness, but wrapped in great sadness or shame.

A very capable activist. Past uncertain or withheld, but clearly has experienced things. Takes a semi-humble quasi-leadership role in the group.


MARKOS - Male, 18 - 26

Another activist. Seems to at once admire and resent Joji, for some history of theirs.

Biting, but sweeter than he seems. Smart. Loyal.


EZIO - Male, 35 - 45

Lecturer at the university Lola attends. Teaches her for one class.

A bit of a cloying bore, though sincere. Like a heroin addict whose cleaned themselves up and found Jesus.

Not as stupid as Lola thinks.


DARIUS - Male, 18 - 30

A right-wing internet-based provocateur/"commentator", somewhere in the mould of Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad, etc.

A small man, if not necessarily in height. Cynical. Lonely.

Please apply for further information.

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