Mo-Cap Actor/Actress (18-35) needed for CGI Sci-Fi Short Film

Payment Details:

Expenses Only




Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 35

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Hello Actors of Manchester!

You have the unique opportunity to star in a CGI sci-fi short film, providing motion and performance capture to digital characters. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your skill set and add to your portfolio!

I am looking for a female and male lead, who are passionate about acting and are willing to put the time and effort into this 15 minute long short film.

As part of the job you will:
- Act in a motion capture suit
- Learn the dialogue in alien language (not too difficult and you will be supported)
- Preform a choreographed fight scene (possibly stuntmen will be used instead)
- Learn the script, prepare and attend practice meetings on a weekly basis

You will bring an alien character to life (think of Neytiri from Avatar), who is lively, strong and charismatic. You will learn 28 sentences in a fictional language, speaking it as if it were your native tongue.

You will provide motion capture for an A.I. robot (think of Sonny from I, Robot), an emotionless, calculating machine (not evil), doing what it was programmed to do (making contact with alien species). You will also offer narration in English and learn 25 sentences in a fictional language.

It is vital for you to be able to spare the time from May until August to learn and practice on a regular basis as the project will heavily rely on your performance. Please only apply if you are certain that you will have the time.
The short film is part of a VFX student’s dissertation, thus it is a non-profit one. However, you will leave with a very fun experience and an exceptional addition to your resume, giving you a great advantage.

Casting will start on the 15th April, make sure you send your application by then. You will be informed about the result by the 15th May. A complete brief of the story and production plan will be given during casting, nonetheless, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Send your application with a brief introduction (3-4 sentences) and why you would like to take part. Best of luck!

Kind Regards,

Tamas Wright

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