Male and Female Actors Wanted - Feature Film Casting 'Maddie & Clare'

Payment Details:

To Be Confirmed


Newcastle upon Tyne


Male, Female

Age Range:

21 to 30

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity


Clare is a shy, awkward recent graduate, returning to her small North East hometown to find she's even more of an outcast than when she left. She finds an unlikely companion in Maddie, her neighbour, a rebel from the wrong side of town, with a temper and reputation to match. Their friendship soon blossoms into something more, at first behind the back of Maddie's husband Blake, but when he does eventually learn of their romance, his reaction is not what they expected. When Blake's parents take their young son for the summer, Clare moves in and they forge a poly relationship, a scandal in a small town that trades on gossip. But as time passes, complications from outside and within turn the relationship into a web of deceit, betrayal and tragedy, from which none of them will emerge unscathed.

The film will be shot continuously in a handful of locations on a dozen different formats, from Snapchat glasses to super 8 to 4k digital, eventually edited from hundreds of scripted and improvised hours of footage into a tight, super-real psychological thriller. Most of the action will take place within Maddie and Blake's house, with exteriors filmed on location in Northumberland. The short pitch is 'Single White Female for the Love Island generation'. Wrapped in themes of class, appropriation, small town inertia, mental health and impostor syndrome, this is a dark and sometimes very funny satire of contemporary Britain that falls somewhere between social realism and social media. Influences include A Hole In My Heart (Lukas Moodysson) and Rita, Sue and Bob Too (Alan Clarke).

Seeking North East actors to fill the three lead roles - Geordie accents essential.

MADDIE (F, mid to late twenties) - At first glance Maddie is a bright, bubbly young mother, keen to do anything to help anyone, even if she gets a kick in the teeth more often than she's thanked for her efforts. But not far beneath the surface is a tough young woman who grew up in poverty and trauma - a past she's desperate to put behind her by any means necessary. This is a challenging role that ranges from polite social niceties to eruptions of working class rage. Would suit a performer from a working class background.

CLARE (F, early to mid twenties) - Clare is a shy, awkward recent graduate, returning to her home town because she's out of friends and options, and resigned to the lonesome life she'd so hoped to escape. She quickly latches on to her old neighbours, finding in Maddie someone who makes her feel like a real person - someone who could have everything if she's only willing to reach out and take it.

BLAKE (M, mid to late twenties) - Blake's middle class parents will never let their boy fail, even if his hard drinking, high school rebel phase seems to be lasting well into adulthood. Married to the wildest girl in his school year, father to a brilliant young boy, and a popular lad about town, it seems he's got everything, and that's his problem.

The film will be produced and directed by Garry Sykes (Drunken Butterflies, LXHXN) who has spent several years developing the film, while also producing content for social platforms including Snapchat Discover and YouTube, with viewing figures often in the millions.

Lead actors will be guaranteed the highest tier profit share on the project, with the potential for a further salary depending on available budget - TBC.

As this is a film about intimate relationships, all three lead roles may involve brief nudity and limited, simulated scenes of an adult nature, though this is not the main focus. The film will be part scripted, part improvised, shooting on location late summer 2020.

Please get in touch with a bit about yourself, your reasons for being interested in the project, and your preferred role. Self-tape auditions will take the form of an in character Q&A, to reach us by end of Feb 2020. Thanks!

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