Male and Female Actors Needed for 'Bloom'

Payment Details:



UK Wide



Age Range:

18 to 25

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Young girl comes out to parents as a witch. Bloom is the story of two young best friends who have started acquiring powers. It’s a story about being true to your own nature, breaking away from external forces which repress you. Focusing on Hannah (the protagonists) conflict with her religious mother. Using witchcraft as a metaphor for self empowerment.

Hannah (18) Hannah is a softly spoken timid character who throughout the script finds herself and her confidence. She loves to dance, is finding her sexuality and beginning to unlock her inner desires (which conflict with her mothers religious ideologies). She is scared of her mother, and becomes very nervous around her, due to her being (vocally) abusive/ repressive towards her.

Margo(18) Margo is confident, intelligent and she says it how it is. She is quirky in how she dresses and has an androgynous style. She doesn't follow the crowd. She is vibrant and excitable and loves being around Hannah. She has the power of healing, using flowers and plants to aid her spells. She is very caring and always there to offer her friends advice.

Ted(50) Father of Hannah. This is a no speaking role character must be able to be expressive/ comic through their facial expressions.

20 pound per day plus travel expenses and food.

Shooting over 3 days- July the 5th, 6th and 7th. Hannah and Margo needed for all 3, Ted for 1.

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