Male actor needed for short monologue film

Payment Details:



UK Wide



Age Range:

25 to 35

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Title – I Shook the Devil’s Hand

Writer/Director – Emily Porter

Genre – Horror/Thriller

Location – Bedfordshire

Production Type – Student

Film Length – 5-7 minutes.

Character - Charles Fredrick Hyde (A.K.A – Chuck)

Gender – Male

Age – 25-35

Synopsis - Chuck is a down-on-his-luck musician, playing on the streets for money, his only wish is to be successful and respected. One day a kind stranger expresses an interest in Chuck, and offers him the fame he craves. Upon finalising the deal, Chuck realises this stranger is The Devil and he had just agreed to offer up a large number of souls in exchange for his fame. Knowing that a deal with the Devil is binding, Chuck obeys and begins a series of murders that will provide him with everything he’s ever wanted. But the Devil is an infamous trickster, and at the end of it all, Chuck finds himself lower than he’s ever been, confessing his crimes to his final victim.

Character Bio – Chuck is an unassuming musician who has fallen on hard times. He’s polite, considerate and emotional but his ambition and thirst for success can get the best of him. After a hasty and careless deal with The Devil, his demeanour begins to change, and the manipulation of The Devil transforms him into a ruthless killer.

We have no budget and so are unable to pay anything, but will be happy to provide lunch on shooting days. We intend to enter this film into many film festivals, so this could be a great opportunity for exposure and to have your name in the credits of a film.

An audition will be scheduled at a date/time to suit you.

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