Male Actor Wanted for Dark Comedy Short

Payment Details:

Expenses Only





Age Range:

40 to 60

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We all know how "the end of the world" will go: a few plucky survivors band together, overcoming their differences, thriving against the odds, returning to nature and discovering the sublime beauty of life and the resilient Blitz spirit of humanity.

.... Or will it? "Survival Instinct" is the story of Nate, a man who has survived an apocalypse and really wishes he hadn't, realising that he is now stuck with the four worst (and only) people in the world. A story about finding purpose in a world where the only lesson to be learned is: "S**t Floats".

We are looking for one more actor to join our incredible cast, for the role of "Steve”."Steve" is an angry, middle-aged man from a satellite town around London, who drives a BMW, and hates foreigners, lefties and women. His hobbies include: trying to kill cyclists and bikers, threatening his ex-wife, shouting at his kids and ranting about the country going to the dogs. His heroes are Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farage. He is red in the face and constantly on the brink of a heart attack.

Filming will take place at a North London woodland location on 2 days between the 4th and 15th of July. Unfortunately, due to our micro-budget, these roles are unpaid, but we will reimburse travel expenses and provide meals/ refreshments, as well as a copy of the completed film. Either of these stand-out roles will make a great addition to any show-reel, and we hope that this project will lead to further collaboration: We intend to use "Survival Instinct" as a proof of concept, to gain funding for a longer project currently in pre-production, and aim to build relationships with actors with future projects in mind.

If you are interested in auditioning, please respond with a short bit about yourself and your work, and a show-reel if available.

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