Macmillan Cancer Support- Whodunnit 2018 shoot

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Male, Female

Age Range:

25 to 90

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We require carious actors for our upcoming Promo of our fundraising event 'Whodunnit' .

This is an unpaid role , but it will be a lot of fun and give some great exposure.

See our promo's of a similar nature from last year:

This years characters can be found on the website:

And here is the concept for this year:

A la Rose’s introductory scene in Titanic, we see a glamorous woman (Lady Iceberg?) emerge from a car. She’s wearing a large brimmed hat and gloves. Once she has stepped out of the car, she lifts her head to look at the cruise liner in front of her and we see her face for the first time.

The film then cuts to the door of a black cab opening and we see a woman (Lady Iceberg?) emerge from the car. She’s dressed up and has a homemade feathered headband on her head. In the same way as the previous scene, we see her hand followed by her tiara topped head emerge first and then we see her face. She looks up at the suburban terraced house in front of her.

The film cuts back to the cruise ship and we see our second character (Beryl Belter?) boarding the ship. She hands over her ticket to the bell boy (Marvin Marigolds) and steps inside.

We cut back to the suburban house and see the second character (Beryl Belter?) ring the door bell. The host (dressed as Marvin Marigolds) answers, gives her a hug and the ticket/invitation is handed over before the go inside.

We cut back to the ship where character three (Madame Who-de-wot-wot?) is standing by a large round dining table. Marvin Marigolds pulls a chair out for her and she sits down. The other two characters from the previous scenes (Lady Iceberg and Beryl Belter) are sitting either side of her. They give each other a glance and then look to their right to an empty chair.

Back in the suburban house, the third character (Madame W) is shown through to the dining room where everyone else is sitting around the table. We don’t see all the characters clearly, some are just the backs of their heads. They’re all commenting on each other’s outfits, pouring drinks and having a laugh. In their hands they hold scripts and clues, from the game pack.

We cut back one last time to the cruise ship with the camera tracks from one side of the round dining table to the other. It passes behind the heads of the some of the characters we haven’t met yet, including the Captain and stops by the empty chair. The faces of the characters we have met are shifty and they look uneasy/guilty. The graphics then come up – ‘Whodunnit’ and messaging.

If you think you could fill one of these roles- do get in touch.

We are aiming to film in the 1st Week of February in Southampton.

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