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Male, Female

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18 to 70

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We are looking for lively, fun-loving, energetic individuals to join our brand new Live Casino team when we launch in the UK this September.

You will need to be enthusiastic, with an outgoing personality for camera and a keen eye for detail. Your role will require quick thinking, requiring you to remain calm and in control at all times.

Those that will make our team will need to be:

•Full of Personality – whether you perform as yourself or your alter-ego, you need to stand out from the crowd!
•Great Conversationalists – whether you like to talk about topics in the newspapers or particular passions or interests, how you communicate to a diverse audience is critical
•Intuitive – a sixth-sense of knowing what your audience needs and wants (within reason!), and giving it to them
•Team Players – it’s not a one-man show – you need to work tirelessly with your audience and peers and recognise how others can also contribute towards your success
•Engaging – someone who can captivate and hold the interest of others (we don’t do boring!)
•Creative – we like fresh, exciting and outside-the-box
•Presentable – our brands mean a lot to us, so we need you to perform impeccably whilst showcasing what we have to offer
•Happy-go-lucky – your audience is there to be entertained and it’s up to you to make it fun!
•Flexible and adaptable – a bucketful of stamina and the skill of responding to a change in priorities and a dynamic audience goes a long way
•Dependable – we pride ourselves in being there for our members 24/7, so we need people who can be here whatever the time of day or night
•Cool-headed – not everyone in the audience will like your material, so you need to react well to both positive and negative responses
•Motivated – more “get up and go” than a high energy drink!

This is a full-time paid role based in Staffordshire.

Please apply for further information.

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