Lead Actor for Criminal Short Film

Payment Details:

Expenses Only





Age Range:

20 to 30

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Synopsis of the film :

“On a cold night in London, Jess, 31, a hard-working waitress arrives home from work. Stepping into her apartment she finds her brother, Thomas, 25, sat battered and bruised on the couch. After a heated conversation, Thomas explains that he owes a lot of money to his Mob boss after he was jumped by rivals in a turf war. As a former Mafioso, Jess doesn't want to be dragged back into this world and refuses to help him. However, as she wakes up the next morning she is attacked by a masked intruder, clearly sent after Thomas to collect his money. Jess sees no other option but to help him devise a plan to steal back the drugs in exchange for her brother's freedom. Everything goes according to plan until the explosion... “

The script is 18 pages long and we estimate the film to be between 20 and 25 minutes long in the end.

We are hoping to send it to festivals once completed.

A plus for all the actors (but not obligatory ) would be to have, one or some of the followings :
- Stage combat training
- Tattoos

We are first-year filmmakers students and are doing this project outside of school. We are a very motivated and hard-working team. We are passionate about what we are doing and want to create a fun and professional environment. This project is important to us, we are taking it very seriously and even crowdfunded a small budget to make it work. We are looking for people who share to same passion as us, and are willing to give us a chance as new filmmakers.

We will cover all the travel expenses for our actors, and provide food on set.

We will be shooting around Ealing area. The main locations are Dickens Yard in Ealing Broadway and Ealing Studios.
We are looking forward to hear from you !

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