Payment Details:





Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 40

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

An independent short film is casting for the project, “Last Night.”

We will hold auditions January 24, 2020 - January 26,2020.

We will have a 3 day shoot at the end of February around the central-London area.

We are not able to pay, but we can offer travel compensation and catering.

Last Night - Project Synopsis:

“Last Night” is a short film about Oliver, a shy and lonely teen who attends a secret party in the woods. The reason for the party? Everyone is set to die at midnight. His last night is thrown into chaos when he sees his crush, Jaz, at the party. He discovers that Jaz’s crazy ex-boyfriend sent her to the party and he is nowhere to be seen. Will Oliver tell Jaz the true purpose of the party or stay silent and watch as she drinks poison alongside him at midnight?

Character Bios:

[OLIVER] [Male, 18-25]
LOOKS 16-18, A depressed and socially awkward teen who feels invisible in the world and grapples with the idea of suicide. He has crippling anxiety and would rather hide in the corner than mingle at a party. However, Oliver is smart and observant and finds strength within him when push comes to shove.

[PILZNER] [Male, 25 - 35]
LOOKS EARLY 30s, Pilzner is the leader of a cult-like group of individuals. He is charming and clever, but egocentric and arrogant. He tends to get what he wants, but when things don’t go his way, he is enraged.

[JAZ] [Female, 18 - 25]
LOOKS 16-18, Jaz is an outgoing dynamo who is always the most popular girl in a room. She is constantly surrounded by a big group of friends and always has a boyfriend by her side. Despite her popularity, she has a nonchalant attitude about life. When the situation calls, she can be a caring and empathetic person.

[DOORMAN] [Male, 25 - 30]
LOOKS EARLY-LATE 30s, tall and intimidating with a big bouncer-like figure.

[PARTY GOER 1] [Male, 25 - 30]
LOOKS EARLY-MID 20s, A nerd with a pudgy build.

[PARTY GOER 2] [Female, 25 - 30]
LOOKS EARLY-LATE 20s, bubbly and quirky.

Must be between the ages of 18-40 and have a fancy dress or suit costume.

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