Hilarion (lead role/ male actor 25-45) for 'The Origins of Ajax'

Payment Details:






Age Range:

25 to 45

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We are currently casting a lead role for a contemporary low-budget tragicomic feature-length road movie which we are planning to shoot in Greece in Autumn 2018. The role is as follows:

-“Hilarion” – Black (African or Caribbean origin) man who speaks with a Scottish accent, age range 25 – 45, must have valid driver license

Brief Synopsis
Ajax, a troubled young Greek-Canadian actor, travels with a Scottish cameraman across Greece for the first time since the tragic death of his parents there when he was a child. Along the way, he befriends a brave but shattered young refugee woman who changes his life. She convinces him to visit his estranged uncle who reveals beautiful and troubling family secrets. During the emotionally overwhelming journey, Ajax experiences fantastic hallucinations of ancient mythological creatures who both torment him and inspire him to make bold choices.

Audition location: London, and possibly Glasgow

Production location: Greece

Audition date: planned for November/December 2017

Production date: planned for autumn 2018

Deadline for submissions: 15 November 2017

Compensation: non-union production, payment will be low-budget range (to be determined), all travel costs to/from/in Greece, meals and accommodations on location during the prep and production will be provided.

Role Description
Hilarion, (25 – 45), the cameraman who is traveling across Greece with Ajax, is black and from Scotland, and speaks with a Scottish accent. Hilarion is an ambitious cameraman who is a light-hearted prankster during their downtime but serious and exacting when he is working. In contrast to the fearful Ajax, Hilarion is bold and doesn’t hesitate to do the right thing in a dangerous situation. The actor must be able to do comedy and comedians who can act will be considered.

Since Hilarion and Ajax are driving a small van in much of the film, the actor who plays Hilarion must be an excellent driver with a valid driver license and willing to drive a small van in Greece on camera.

Actors who speak with a native Scottish accent are preferred, but those who are not Scottish but trained to perform with a perfect Scottish accent without a dialogue coach are welcome to apply.

The writer, director and producer, Gabrielle Pfeiffer, is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter from New York, based in Berlin. She has eight feature film credits as a writer and script supervisor, and some 35 director, writer, and producer credits for her work on Arte, BBC, Channel Four, Discovery, National Geographic, PBS and ZDF documentaries. Her films have been broadcast all over the world and screened at numerous international film festivals.

Creative note: Director is interested in exploring the possibility of collaborating with the cast actors on the further development of their characters beyond what is currently in the script, as has already been successfully done with the actor cast in the role of Ajax.

Looking forward to your submissions!

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