Female Actor for 'If You Go Down To The Woods Today'

Payment Details:

To Be Confirmed





Age Range:

16 to 45

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

A very fun and unique opportunity to play a girl called Anna who goes for a walk in the woods, only for it to have a deadly ending. Anna will be having a quiet walk in the woods when a man (played by myself) comes and asks her if she is okay and if he could borrow her to help him get a kite that has ended up in a tree. Not knowing about stranger danger Anna accepts and walks with the man. Moral of this short will be stranger danger

Anna then gets killed and her body carried to an open part of the woods. The shot then cuts to the crime scene where props such as evidence numbers and a body bag will be used. A toe tag will be put on the actress / model that reads "Beware of stranger danger"

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to try something different and maybe likes the world of alternative.

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