FEMALE LEAD! for a monologue characters name - dogface.

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Age Range:

20 to 27

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We are first year uni students , looking to film a short monologue of a girl recording herself talking into a cassette tape, as similarly seen on the popular Netflix show, "Thirteen reasons why." Set mostly in one location of a bedroom (which will be designed and built by us in the TV studio) set in the 90s. She is reading out a letter to someone through a cassette tape recorder to another female character who will be listening to this in the end.

Fill details on storyline yet to be decided however film will only last 3/4 minutes so not too much will be going on.

- can get to and around London (filming on 5th March)
- may require extra filming days for cutaway shots (needs to be flexible on dates during that week)
- must be comfortable in front of the camera
- have a clear voice for a voice over
- happy portraying an lgbt character, acting with other females in flashback scenes

Send audition clip of you reading out a section of the script (posted below) and emailed to me before end of application dates.


"I don't want to get all Hallmark card on you, but you're my best friend. We've been
through so much together. You know me better than I have ever let anyone know me. You're
the first person I've ever met who understands me, who thinks the way I do, who gets me.
Am I crazy? Am I wrong? Because... you're important to me.

If you just aren't attracted to me... I could understand that. I know you can't choose who you
want, you can't control those feelings. The heart wants what the heart wants. If we could
choose... then I could stop wanting you. I know it doesn't work like that. So, if you just don't
like me that way... but, you do, don't you? You must. I mean, at least a little? You can't find
me too repulsive, you're the one who kissed me...

Did I do something wrong? I mean, was I not... good? Was I too easy? Was I supposed to play hard to get? I don't know how to be coy and play games. No one ever explained the rules to me. All I know how to do is be honest. And you said that was something you loved about me."

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