Edinburgh Fringe Festival Casting Call

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Expenses Only





Age Range:

18 to 35

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Urgent audition Notice for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Liver & Lung Productions is casting 3 male actors (aged 18-35) for their Edinburgh Fringe Festival production of Sarah, Sky & 7 Other Guys from August 1 - August 27.

Accommodation & travel will be covered.

Audition date: Sunday, 9th July.

Everybody wants somebody, and Sarah and Sky have each other.
In a refreshingly honest exploration of life, love and libidos, Sarah, Sky & Seven Other Guys tells the story of a twenty-something British girl, her Indian best friend and the colourful myriad of men that pass through their lives.
Stifled by the sexual injustices that exist with being a woman and a queer person of colour, Sarah is paralysed by perfectionism and Sky is riddled with recurrent spells of self-doubt. In a world brimming with opportunity, the inseparable pair know what they want and how to get there – if only boys were as straightforward.
In a tale of sordid sexual encounters, hilariously painful conversations and relatably raw experiences, Sarah and Sky learn that the things that once bound them together must inevitably drive them apart.

ED (Aged 18-35, Male)
The terribly privileged Briton. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and unabashedly proud of his elitism and good fortune. What he lacks in integrity, he makes up for in wealth.

JORDAN (Aged 18-35, Male)
The departure from your usual type. Really into his underground music and concerned with his Instagram follows-to-followers ratio. Volunteers his opinion but provides little substance.

RICHARD (Aged 18-35, Male)
The genuinely nice guy. Successful,driven–perfect? Richard is an all-rounder: good job, good morals, good looking. He makes the people around him strive to be better or feel unexpectedly insecure.

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