Casting for Online Horror Series

Payment Details:

Expenses Only





Age Range:

18 to 26

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

'Graded' is the name of an online horror/slasher series that will be made available to watch on and YouTube and be available to watch free of charge. A website will also be launching in June where the series will be available to watch. Filming of the first episode will commence during June 2017 and will take place around Greater London.

The ‘Graded’ web series begins five years after the end of compulsory education which saw 300 students finish their GCSE exams during June 2012 at King Edward High School.

The series opens with a number of former students receiving business card sized invitations to a supposed “Year of 2012 Reunion” to be taking place at a none school location later that week. Unaware to many, on the reverse of the invitations is a written number. This number will signify the order in which the students are set to die.

We are currently looking to cast for 8 characters whom are introduced in the first episode of the series; Stacey, Casey, Danielle, Casey, Lisa, Alice, Rachel and Emma.

All 8 characters are of the same age bracket, between 19 and 21. The ideal height for the characters will be between 5 ft and 5 ft 6.

For the character of Lisa we are looking to cast an Asian actress. For the remaining 7 characters we do not have any preferences other than previously stated height and age bracket.

Most of the characters will be recurring roles in future episodes of the series.

The audition process will take place in the form of a self tape of a short scripted monologue piece.

This is a none paid role though expenses are covered.

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