Casting for Mother in Psychological Mystery Film

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Age Range:

20 to 60

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As part of a course at the City of Bristol College, I am making a psychological mystery film and require two actresses - one to play the daughter, 20 years old (or looking the part) and one to play the mother, around 40 or so.

The film is about Margaret, a 20 year old with amnesia. She wakes up with dried eyes from crying before but doesn't remember why. She also notices that one of the doors in her house is locked but thinks nothing of it and continues to her kitchen, where her mother scolds her for her unhealthy behaviour.

She continues to comment as she accompanies Margaret to work, even to the point where Margaret snaps and the two have an argument that separates them.

When Margaret finishes her work at her office job, she decides to reconcile with her mother, regretting what she'd said after seeing her photo in her bag.

After coming home, she looks for her and tries to apologise, but discovers her mother hiding in the room with the locked door. When she finds the keys to the door, she opens it and attempts to apologise, but discovers that the room is empty - her mother is, in fact, dead. She begins to weep, repeating the events of the previous day.
The moral is to never take others' presence, especially not those closest to us, for granted.

Since this is a student film, I will be unable to pay for expenses except for food and drink.

Auditions will be open on the 16th, 17th and 18th May. Filming will take place every week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and will last until the 1st June.

Please contact me through my email for more information and the treatment and script for the film.

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