Casting for Feature Film 'The Chrysalis'

Payment Details:



UK Wide


Male, Female

Age Range:

16 to 45

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Casting for lead roles.

Directed by Award Winning Filmmaker Sheila Nortley

The film explores the beautiful true story of UK Actor/Rapper Ashley Chin, an intelligent young man born into the concrete jungle of Gipsy Hill. Raised by a single mother, he took responsibility from a young age and took to being a member of one of the most explosive group of boys in the history of South London. We follow him growing up through the 80's and 90's through to him reverting to Islam and becoming a practising Muslim. The film will be stylised artistically to coincide with each era and have a similar cinematic style to the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing.

Ashley Chin is also releasing his first feature film Victim in Spring 2012, which he wrote and associate produced. He will also be releasing his much awaited autobiography later in the year.

This film is being produced by Sheila Nortley and Najan Ward.

A young intelligent man desperately searching for success and spiritual growth in a world filled with drugs, money and superficiality. Raised on a tough South London estate, Ashley had acquired a champagne lifestyle, however deep inside laid a troubled soul searching for a higher state of consciousness. A divine intervention has the potential to change the course of his path, but will he take it?

Male, Black, Playing age of 17 - 22
Ideal candidate will be of medium brown complexion and have small eyes, evident of his Chinese heritage. [Please Google Ashley Chin for a reference.]

Deborah is a beautiful British born Jamaican left to raise two small children after her partner left [Ashley and his sister Natalie]. Deborah's strength comes from the determination to bring up her children to the best of her ability but is often faced with adversity and struggle, but will protect her children at any cost.

Female, Black, Playing age of 22 - 26

Ashley's Dad is a young music producer, he fell in love with Deborah at a young age but wasn’t able to juggle the responsibility of a wife and two children whilst pursuing his dreams. Music is in his soul.

Male, Black, Playing age of 25 - 30

Abdur is an older Arab gentlemen, cultured and deeply spiritual with a profound understanding of the world. His calm nature and disarming persona leaves everyone that he meets enthralled by his mystique. Abdur encourages Ashley to travel to Egypt for a life changing experience.

Male, Middle-Eastern, 30 - 50

Russell is a policeman and father of two young boys. He is disgusted by gang crime and has no sympathy for young people who chose such a lifestyle.
He has an encounter with Ashley Chin, which changes the course of his life forever.

Male, Caucasian, Playing age of 30 - 45

A Turkish student who assists Ashley into making a life changing decision? Levent is now the quintessential good guy, with a dark past he would like to forget.

Male, Turkish, Playing age of 20 - 40

Imran is an Asian friend of Ashley who is detached from his dangerous world of violence and gang culture. He offers him an alternative view on life and speaks wisdom beyond his years. Imran supports Ashley’s huge decision.

Male, Pakistani / Middle-Eastern, Playing age of 20 - 30

Mo is a humble man, a Somalian Hafiz (someone who has completely memorised the Koran) and devoutly religious man who assists Ashley take a step of faith?

Male, Somalian / East-African, Playing age of 20 - 40

Derek is a young boy from Gypsy Hill known for his fearlessness and intelligence he naturally became a part of Ashley’s rowdy gang who were running the whole of South London. SUPPORTING ARTISTS ROLE.

Male, Black, Playing age of 16 - 18

She is studying four a-levels and has dreams of being a Barrister. Her big brother Derek, however, being close with Ashley makes it impossible for her to break ties with unwanted underworld affiliations. SUPPORTING ARTISTS ROLE.

Female, Black, Playing age of 16 - 18

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