Payment Details:

Expenses Only




Male, Female

Age Range:

22 to 45

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

I'm a third year film production student looking for actors for my Final Major Project.

It's a short thriller film about a young woman working for a media production company who is sleeping with her boss. She is blackmailed by a coworker when he discovers explicit photos and videos of her and the boss together.

We are looking for actors that fit these requirements:

SIAN: the main character.
MARCUS: the boss.
CHRIS: the coworker.
EVA: the boss' assistant.

This project will be premiering online on Vimeo and YouTube, with trailers and content related to the film being posted on our related social media pages. We will also be submitting this film to various different film festivals in the hopes of gaining some wider viewing and recognition.

Unfortunately as we are students this means that this will be UNPAID WORK, however we are more than HAPPY TO PAY FOR ANY TRAVEL COSTS and will of course PROVIDE CATERING on set for any actors. Additionally as we're planning on submitting it to festivals there is a possibility of exposure and recognition from members of the film industry.

As the topic of the film is sexual blackmail, this will require the actors playing SIAN and MARCUS to be comfortable with filming 'explicit' content. THERE WILL BE NO NUDITY and we are filming on a closed set - we simply need an illusion of the content being explicit without being too revealing. Anyone concerned about this is more than welcome to ask any questions they might have.

Female Lead
Sian is the lead character. She is resilient and independent, unwilling to lean on anyone for help. She is also very likeable and friendly.
Female, aged 22 to 30

Male Lead
Marcus is Sian's boss - he has a sense of authority about him, while also being a kind person that cares about the wellbeing of his staff. It is evident that he has a soft spot for Sian.
Male, aged 25 to 33

Male Antagonist
Chris is Sian's coworker - after harbouring feelings for her and being rejected, he discovers explicit content of Sian and Marcus together and blackmails her with it. Rather than loving her, he wants to possess her. He poses as a friendly face and a shoulder to cry on.
Male, aged 30 to 38

Female Side Character
Eva is Marcus' assistant who doesn't like Sian, as she has noticed that her boss has a soft spot for her.
Female, aged 38 to 45

14TH -9-5
15TH - 9-5
16TH 2-8pm
21ST- 9-5
22ND 9-5
one more date in the week TBC.

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