Casting call for all ages for 10-minute drama

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Expenses Only




Male, Female

Age Range:

20 to 60

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Synopsis- A black woman babysits the girl of a white racist couple. She decides to take the prejudiced child to meet her own kid to show that race isn’t an issue. We follow the babysitter connect with the girl as she drives home. The parents soon discover the babysitter’s gone and decide to call the babysitter. The child picks up but keeps the place that they're heading a secret from her mother, thinking it's a game.

The babysitter finally gets home and the two children finally connect. However soon after, the parents (having realised where they must have gone) reach the babysitter's house. When the babysitter answers a fight almost ensues but the mother sees the two children playing and her heart melts. She decides to change her mind about her racist views.

With a crew of 17 people we aim to create an original, deep and memorable short film that will send an anti-racism message and which will create an impact at film festivals.

Shooting will take place over several days and we are currently in the process of requesting funds in order to cover travel expenses and food.

10, 11th or 13th of January. If there is a large amount of applications we may move you towards a later date. Please specify what dates you can make. Rehearsals will take place between 12:00 and 17:30 each day.

All roles will allow for actors to expand on their character and suggest new ways to take their character.

Marsha (Babysitter)
Main character-
Quietly confident unless her emotions get the better of her, very passionate, caring, quite strict with children, able to connect with children, knows her rights, very impulsive.

She wishes for a better life for herself and child, but knows she won’t get out of poverty. She wishes people wouldn’t judge her on her poverty/skin colour but would see her kindness and good qualities.

Females, aged 30 to 45 from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Cynthia (Mother)
Is a racist who changes her mind by the end, stubborn about her views, can be extremely worried and stressed, very cynical, confident, selfish, uncaring about others, thinks she’s always right, loves her child.

Must come across as dislikable, chilling, cold.

Females, aged 30 to 55 from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Phillip (Father)
Treads the line between keeping his wife happy and being able to say his honest opinion, loves his child, very trusting, laid-back. Interested in having a romantic time with his wife, desire of finding Lucy is at odds with this.

There is a lot of opportunity for an actor to bring additional elements to this character.

Males, aged 30 to 55 from Birmingham, United Kingdom

White Child-
Confident, needy, emotional. Lucy doesn't get along with Marsha until half way through the story at which point they connect. Lucy gets along really well with Marsha's daughter when they meet.

Note- due to the anti-racism message we have taken great care with the dialogue in the script so that the role is appropriate for the child actor.

Females, aged 6 to 11 from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Black Child-
Comes across as very cute, likeable and innocent. Teja connects with Lucy when she meets her.

Females, aged 4 to 9 from Birmingham, United Kingdom

In one of the scenes the babysitter and the child confront a cashier. There's a great opportunity for an actor to really expand on this character and show their acting abilities.

Males, aged 20 to 35 from Birmingham, United Kingdom

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