Casting 'Old man' Commercial for Gaia - Global Action in the Interest of Animals

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UK Wide



Age Range:

60 to 80

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Casting 'Old Man'

For a commercial for Gaia - Global Action in the Interest of Animals - we are currently looking for an elderly actor (65-80 years old) to portray our lead role.

The commercial is about the relationship between an old man and his dog. We see the two of them walking, playing and having fun together etc.

An old voice tells us:"We had a good run. We've had so many great years together. They're not taking that away from us. You're truly the best. Okay, your sight isn't the best anymore. But I still love you! I always will. Who's a good boy?"
Then, we suddenly notice that the voice over is not the old man speaking, but the dog talking. He continues "I just hope you'll be fine when I'm no longer there".
We end with a text on screen: "Animals. They've always been there for you. Will you be there for them too? Include GAIA in your will and we'll take care for your pets."
We're looking for a elderly actor to convey this emotional story.

The shooting will take place in BELGIUM. Approx. around the 25th of March 2019.

The salary is a flat fee: 1,200 euros for 1 production day. Rights for 1 year in Belgium. Your transportation and accommodation will be taken care of. No additional costs for you.

If you are interested to join the auditions, please send us the following:

- a selftape in which you present yourself briefly (name, experience...)
- a selftape in which you perform the lines above in a warm, loving way. Imagine how these are the final things you say to your favourite pet, how you say goodbye. It can be fragile, emotional. We're interested in your interpretation.

Please speak directly towards the camera and record the selftape in a well-lighted space/room.

Please attach the video/link on your To Be Seen profile.

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