Casting Actors for 'True Love Never Dies'

Payment Details:





Male, Female

Age Range:

16 to 60

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

The story is set in the Manchester suburbs where Sakiya and David want to get to get married in a world were arranged marriage is and the culture arranged marriage is causing a ripple throughout the community.

David a white lad is from the wrong side of the tracks. A drunken father who left when he was 12, a brother who’s very racial and a mother who has tried her best and just wants a bit of peace and quiet.

Sakiya hates arranged marriages and is completely against being forced but with parents who insist on he marrying a man from her culture she having a difficult time.

Alyas is set to be arranged to Sakiya and the community are mixed on it.

With White and black community coming together in a battle of love honour respect and war the families of each of the characters do everything to stop and continue the fight for them both David to marry her and Alyas to marry her.

But who does Sakiya want to marry this will be the story of True Love Never Dies!

Casting starts from January 2 2020 via Skype

Production Starts in March 2020 for 12 months in Manchester.

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