CASTING CALL FOR 'Two' (Title in Progress)

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Male, Female

Age Range:

23 to 59

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

I am currently producing an upcoming short film and we are currently casting for our short film, which will be based and filmed in Bristol!

There are loads of great parts for all ages in this film and so we are looking to scout out lots of interested female actors/aspiring actors to take part!

The character descriptions are as follows:

- Lucile (F): A mid-twenties French Art Buyer. She is intelligent, ambitious and charming, but has many insecurities that are hindered by a confident and professional facade. (*We would like an actor who is fluent in French for this particular role).

- Arty (M): An early twenties male who is obsessed with French old films. He uses the films that he watches to inspire his personality in real life, but despite this feels victimised to his own choices and surroundings. He is a character that certainly builds an interesting character development arc and does speak French in the film (we do not expect someone who is fluent).

- Sarah (F): A mid-thirties artist. Very passionate, talented but can let her passion distort and negatively influence her emotions.

- Manager (M): This 40s male is the manager of Arty, who both work in a cinema. He is incredibly disorganised and clues, yet persistent within his authority as the manager. He had the cinema business passed onto him by a friend, as he attempts to revamp this old and arguably dying venue.

- Boss (M): An older (around 40-50years), tough and slightly arrogant boss of Lucile. This role only requires the actor's voice as the scene the boss shares with Lucile is via telephone.

- Arty's Aunt (F): 40-50 year old Aunt for our male protagonist of the film. She is a very caring figure, but has difficult expressing this care towards her nephew and so whilst can be maternal, can also be cold at moments

- Art Dealer (F): Around 30 year old superficial, yet incredibly charming woman who is a confident and professional business woman. This character runs a big commercial gallery and therefore has a lot of confidence and presence when interacting with other characters.

We are hoping to finish casting our film by the end of February/early March and film late March-early April (dates are to be confirmed). Unfortunately, this project will not be a paid one due to lack of budget from our university (as this is our final project for our degree).

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