"Be My Guest" Casting Owen

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UK Wide



Age Range:

30 to 45

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We are a group of Film and Moving Image Production students in our 2nd year at Norwich University of the Arts. This is a casting call for an original short film for our school project

Audition location: NUA (Boardman House, Redwell St, Norwich NR2 4SL)/ via Skype
Shooting location: TBC
Audition dates: 6 dec - 22 dec (specific date to be agreed with actor)
Deadline for applications: 15 dec
Shooting dates: Two evenings between 9 dec - 18 dec, two evenings between 29 dec - 2 jan (for pickups)
Payment details: Expenses only- Food, travel expenses and/or accommodation will provided
Production title: Be My Guest (working title)
Production type: University project
Length: 7 minute short film

A man finds himself at the mercy of a robber, threatening harm if he does not comply. Just one word can end this nightmare.

Character: Owner of a sex shop
Name: Owen
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Playing age: 35 - 40 years old
Other physical characteristics: Any ethnicity
Personality traits: Work focused, calm and collected for the most part, imaginative, open minded
Wants: maintain a successful career, a more active sex life, try new things
Needs: to get in touch on a more intimate level with his partner, to find balance between work and their marriage

Owen is the owner of a successful sex shop and is 10 years into a loving relationship with his partner, Rob. On the night of their anniversary, an aggressive robber barges in and has him at knifepoint. When the robber tries to make his escape, it is revealed that the silent alarm has been triggered, Owen seems to have regained control of the situation. This pushes the robber off the edge and causes things to get physical. We see that the robber has hands his around the owen's throat, when a safe word is uttered. It is then both Owen and the robber, Rob, plop to the ground and exchange notes about their performance. This was role-play all along, their way of celebrating a romantic milestone together.

*Actor must be comfortable with the use of sex toys as props

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