Audition for JV2 Professional Development Diploma 23 February 2019

Payment Details:





Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 100

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Come and audition for JV2! The professional development diploma provides participants with a unique opportunity to train as versatile and multi-disciplinary performers, touring national alongside Jasmin Vardimon Company.

Participants must be aged 18 to apply. Please bring a printed copt of your current CV, suitable dance wear, shoes and kneepads.

Location: Jasmin Vardimon Company
Stour Centre, Tannery Lane
Ashford TN23 1PL

JV2 is designed for a small group of students, allowing one on one interaction with Jasmin Vardimon and company members. The programme is an ideal opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge of Vardimon’s methodology and apply it to their own creative exploration. Working side by side with the professional touring company in repertoire rehearsals, students will gain an insight to the working environment of a touring company. Jasmin Vardimon and company members will create works on the students, transforming them into the JV2 Company, who celebrate the end of the programme performing in a national tour towards the end of the second semester. Participants will also gain experience in and learn how to educate through Jasmin Vardimon Company methods, building confidence as dance educators of future generations.

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