Actors needed for a feature film

Payment Details:





Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 65

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

A number of actors are needed for a live action feature film.

Dates for filming etc. will be arranged after the video auditions and film locations are finalised.

This is not a paid job, but the finished product will be a brilliant addition to your resume as it will showcase your versatility and your ability to bring a character to life.

Please be aware that more actors and actresses are needed than are mentioned in this listing, as we need people for other roles and extras.


Have you ever thought of cheating, on a partner? Well, imagine how much harder it would be to resist that urge, if you were a player for so many years, before you met, the soul mate, you’ve always dreamed of.

Short synopsis:

The untimely death of Mr nice guy, follows the woeful love life of Kalvin Setray. Aka Mr Nice Guy. Whose desperate search for love, over the last 28 years, in his opinion, has only led him to useless friendships or women taking advantage of him…

However, when, a traumatic experience pushes him over the edge, he decides to transform himself into the ‘bad boy’ he believes women really want, and subsequently leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.
Five years on and Kalvin’s womanising ways have become a habitual, way of life. Quite simply, being trash, is like breathing for him.

At this point in time, inconveniently and unexpectedly, he finally meets and gets into a relationship, with the woman he has been dreaming of, for the whole of his life… A woman worthy of the man he used to be! Will his playboy ways jeopardise the one thing he has always yearned for, love, or can he change before it’s too late?

Character traits:

Kalvin setray:

Academically smart
A bit of a nerd who teaches himself how to do things from on line tutorials
Starts off very shy and self-analytical
Loves painting and drawing
Starts off jealous of his twin, in regards to the love and attention he gets from his parents and others.
Does not believe his parents love him as much as they love his brother – however he has never confronted them about this.
Starts off with a need to please people
Always wanted to be loved
Starts off as a Loner at school, not by choice, but because he is a bit of a social pariah in school
Starts off scared to talk to girls or stand up for himself
Starts off with a low self-esteem and low self confidence
Great work ethic
Starts off as a nice guy
Starts off very gullible
Starts off as a door mat
Starts off with a speech impediment (stutter)
Becomes a player after a number of bad relationships with women, where he has been taken advantage of or miss treated.
He uses his approach to learning to teach him how to be the best player he can possible be
Becomes very cold, and emotionally allusive
Develops high self-esteem and self confidence
Once he becomes a player, he soon becomes ruthless where he shields his heart, while womanising and not informing women of his intentions.
He becomes a doctor

Kalvin setray’s mother:

Hard working – works a number of jobs to provide for her children
Sacrificed a lot physically so that she could provide for her children
Great work ethic
Uses tough love on Kalvin, because she believes he has to toughen up to deal with a world which has and will treat him harshly because of his speech impediment, low self esteem and gullibility.
Very confident
Very out spoken
Often speaks without thinking i.e. she says what’s on her mind unfiltered without any thought for how it might be achieved
Academically smart, has a degree.
All about culture
Very traditional
Believes in treating her kids according to their needs

Faith Harvey:

Starts shy, not standing up for herself, with a lack of self-confidence, pleasing others at the expense of her wellbeing. A good friend.
Always sleeked male love and acceptance because of the lack of love she has always received from her father.
Starts very much in her own head, so she does not let her hair down . Also she rarely says what she is thinking or feeling, because she is both scared and she doesn’t like letting down others
She helps people a lot
She becomes self-confident
Academically smart
Misses her dead mother
Starts off repeatedly seeking a relationship and love from her father who is and always has been emotionally aloof, and selfish
Becomes confident and learns how to stand up for her self
Very trusting
Starts off giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and infinite chances

Lorenzo Harvey:

Serial cheater
Emotionally aloof
Feels like he’s achieved something by providing for both of his families
Starts off as 300% in a relationship, but loses interest quickly
Good looking
Well off
Believes that first impressions and perception is everything, so he always wears a suit
He’s about perception, not substance
He puts his relationships with the opposite sex above everything
He tells people what he believes they want to hear instead of saying what is in his mind or heart.

Isabella carter:

All about her friends and family
Out spoken
Academically smart
Hard working
Quick witted
Doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone
Not afraid to speak her mind or share her opinion whether she has been asked to or not.

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