Actors for 'Survivors of Hell'

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Male, Female

Age Range:

22 to 75

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

In order to make a short film called "Survivors of Hell", the Medusa Film production is looking for actors from 22 to 75 years of age.


The filming of the film "Survivors of Hell by Éric Edouard Comandé" is the result of a joint production between the directors Éric Edouard Comandé and Jean-françois D’halluin. This project is organized in the framework of a Franco-Belgian exchange combining young French, Belgian and some Scottish actors. It is part of the international awareness campaign for the fight against drug trafficking, supported by: RTVE, France 24 and the Hyères Region in the Var. The participants will share a collective and united adventure. It is essential to be adaptable and attentive to others in the rehearsals and activities offered. A commitment and an investment is required both in terms of artistic work and in learning techniques. During the rehearsal sessions, the actors and actresses will be subjected to: body and voice trainings, linguistic animations, improvisation sessions, internal and public rehearsals, debates and meetings on the theme of filming.


- For their performances, the actors and actresses will receive a fee of: € 600 gross per Subsistence costs (accommodation, meals, transport) and miscellaneous are the responsibility of the production.


-A residency will take place from 08 to 20 September 2020 in Hyerès in the Var, followed by filming, in the same region. Participation condition: be an actor or actress aged 22 to 75. Previous experience is not necessary. Be fit for a trip.


Send two photos plus your address. Specify your previous experiences in the field.

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