Actors for 'Inactive'

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Male, Female

Age Range:

30 to 45

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Synopsis: A former Russian operative assumes a fake identity, to pursue the love of a young socialite, later a shady detective trying to blackmail him shows up to his home, and confronts him about his past.


Alek was a Russian operative on a secret mission when he meets the beautiful Sonya, Instead of completing his journey; Alek assumes a fake identity so that he could pursue Sonya love and a different life.
Years, as have passed by Alek, Sonya and their two children, are happily living in the West Midlands, both being very successful in their respected fields when inspector Wize shows up to Alek family home asking questions about his past.

Wize is determined to expose Alek as an evil spy unless Alek agrees to pay him a lot of money. Alek becomes afraid that Sonya will find out about his past and ruin their family. The two men square up to each other in a tango of truth and lies. Sonya eventually overhears the two men and interrupts the heated argument, Alek agrees to think about Wize's proposition and get back to him.

Alek later arranges to meet detective Wize to pay him off but while waiting for Wize in the parking lot at his Flat, Alek witnesses Wize's murder. Alek gives chase to the person fleeing the scene, in all the commotion a bag falls from the suspect hand, Alek interrogates the bag and comes across a sensitive document, that proves Sonya is a spy. And without warning, Alek gets hit over the head with a pipe from behind killing him instantly, Sonya's face gets revealed as she retrieves the bag and walks away.

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