Actors Required for Student Film-short dystopian psychological drama

Payment Details:

To Be Confirmed




Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 45

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

This is a short dystopian psychological drama set in the United Kingdom 20 years after Brexit. Times have changed, Scotland has left the United Kingdom and left movements within Wales riot to seek to push for independence. What remains of the United Kingdom is ruled by far-right political parties who have been enforcing drastic systematic changes affecting societal life; any person of international origin has or is at risk of being deported.

This is the story of Nil Kuş who is the English daughter of immigrants. Her parents have recently been deported; she is all alone and struggling to get by financially. Since the NHS has been sold to America, the healthcare system has been mainly privatised. She is struggling to afford what she relies on to stay alive…insulin.

Roles are as follows:

Nil Kuş, Female, 18-25, dark hair and features
Main character. Caring, hardworking and determined. She is a type 1 diabetic and works as a painter decorator for her friend Simon. She lives in a small flat and is struggling to make ends meet. Her goals are to be able to afford to stay alive by affording her insulin and to unite with her family.

Simon Jenkins, Male, late 20’s, white/British
Close friend and boss of Nil, owning the painting and decorating business. He is protective of Nil and does not agree with the way Brexit has changed the country. His main goal is to keep going, for his business to stay afloat and to keep caring for the people in his life particularly Nil.

Oliver, Male, late 30’s, White/British
Extreme right wing political stance. He is an entitled man who has strong positive opinions on Brexit. His goals are to host a Brexit day party to express his joy in recent events and to make immigrants such as Nil feel as unwelcome as possible.

Doctor, Male, 25-30, White/British
Previously an NHS doctor before it was dismantled. He is a kind man who is just doing his job and respects Nil as patient.

Shop Clerk, Female, 25-30, White/British
An ignorant woman. She is extremely pleased Brexit happened and would happily ban people like Nil from her shop for being the child of immigrants. She would not hesitate to call the authorities if she was suspicious about the likes of Nil’s behaviour. She has a rude abrasive personality.

Hotel receptionist, Female, 25-30, White/British
An ignorant woman who fails to pronounce Nil’s name correctly. She is rude to Nil as she tries to check in. She has strong positive opinions on Brexit and is enjoying how the change in society is benefiting her.

Actor’s fees negotiable

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