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Male, Female

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30 to 65

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1 in 200

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.” - Emily Dickinson

In Nov 2017 more than 300,000 people in Britain are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes, equivalent to 1 in 200.

In Feb 2018 after a homeless man dies outside Westminster, the UK government promises to half the number of homeless by 2022 and eradicate the problem by 2027.

A think tank is charged with the task of coming up with a way to make this happen. An arrogant and privileged young go-getter comes up with a solution; the ‘Get Back On Track’ programme and the pilot is tested in Liverpool.

A burnt out and broken ex-journalist, who has fought injustice all her working life, has given up hope, and more to the point, given up giving other people hope; given up pretending she can help when she knows she can’t, when she knows no one listens and no-one cares.

So now she claims Universal Credit and lets the powers that be get on with the business of the day without concerning herself. But when she is sanctioned and loses her benefits, she ends up homeless. Her only option is to join the ‘Get Back On Track’ programme, which offers help and accommodation.

Instead of being housed and helped she is imprisoned in a dystopian underground run by unseen masters that have a strict carrot-and-stick regime to control their subjects.

It’s here her deep-rooted need to fight injustice rears its powerful and beautiful head. She has to escape and uncover what is going on. She’ll need help. But how can she bring unity to the divided and beaten captives? How can she create hope where there is none?

Title: 1 in 200
Film Length: Feature Length
Written by: Lynne Harwood &
Directed by: Lynne Harwood
Production Company: First Take Ltd
None Union affiliated
Shooting start dates: September- December
Location: Liverpool / London TBC
Pay rate: none union. There is pay rate TBO for none paid roles expenses/ accommodations and meals will be provided

Auditions 27th and 28th August 2020 times TBO
Submissions deadline: 21st August 2020

Please submit actors headshot and demo reel / clips with each actor submission.

Note: All talent must be willing to travel to Liverpool/London TBC for the duration for the shoot (up to 5 days)

Due to Covid 19 auditions will take place via Zoom unless informed otherwise.

Character descriptions

JAMES, Leader of Right Wing Think Tank. Caucasian late 50s, Eton and Oxford educated super-elitist.
He is an extremely powerful individual who wields his power unjustly, cruelly, and oppressively. He has a lack of squeamishness about how the establishment holds on to political and economic power.

WILLIAM, Caucasian late 30s, Civil Servant with a privileged background RP accent. Young, charming, a modern liberal. Reckless with dystopian ideas although not without conscience.
SERENA early 30s attractive. Team researcher she is practical and rational in her approach to problems. Her astute demeanour makes her best placed on the right wing think tank.
GEOFFREY, Caucasian 60’s a veteran who was a young promising backbencher during Margaret Thatcher’s government. His experience of countless underhanded methods and sarcastic putdown humor makes him the ideal right hand man to James.
Seb, Oxford Educated, has a stammer that he blames for holding him back. Although financial genius, is boring and regularly put down.

Dom - Understands numbers and the power of prime numbers, believes himself to be a genius and loves putting others down, regardless of their position, he follows rule book to the letter without restraint, even if it means he hurts people. He can be sadistic.

Jackie late 30’s early 40’s Attractive, Ex partner to Sam who is the lead role.
Jackie is caring and generous in nature however she sais it how it is.
She has strong boundaries and is assertive when her kindness is taken advantage of.

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