Actors Needed for Student Short Film

Payment Details:



UK Wide


Male, Female

Age Range:

18 to 35

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

NOTE: This film involves some scenes that may be tough to film, due to the nature of the subject matter. There will be partial nudity (underwear) involved, but there is some leeway with this and it can be altered if candidates don't feel comfortable with it.

A film in three parts, firstly following Chelsea’s strained life as an escort, her relationship with men and with her girlfriend Billie. We then meet Dave, living a monotonous life, tormented by his overbearing wife. The final part of the film shows Dave and Chelsea’s encounter, what happens between them, and how they each have an impact on each-others life, for better or for worse.


Woman / Chelsea
23, from Surrey. Well spoken, doesn’t sound or act like the type of person you would expect to be doing escort work. She’s a lesbian but much more toward the feminine side, you wouldn’t necessarily think she was interested in women unless you saw her with her girlfriend. Despite her sexuality, she sleeps with men because she needs the money, most of her earnings go towards paying for her girlfriends drugs. If she doesn’t give her girlfriend money then she gets abusive. There’s a survivalist side to her, she will pick pocket clients if she’s able to. She doesn’t like to drink or do drugs even though she has to pick up clients from bars and casinos every night. Her sense of what she should and shouldn’t do is very muddled because her work consists of constantly doing something she doesn’t want to do. This confusion only helps her girlfriend to manipulate her. Her role in the film is to realise her own worth and to trigger Dave’s realisation that he might be worth more than his wife says he is.

Man / Dave
Largely built, but soft looking man in his early 30s. He’s not particularly intelligent and works a low end sales job in an antique clock shop. His wife Sarah berates him and clearly wears the pants. His face is often dull, void of much emotion, he does things with little enthusiasm. He doesn’t even retaliate when his wife is on a tirade. During the film Dave snaps, he decides he has had enough of his passive life and acts to change that. The easiest way he can think to make himself feel better is to act out against a woman, to make her feel as small as he feels. This act backfires on him when the woman who he chooses, Chelsea, stands up for herself and takes the control away from him. Dave does not know how to process this, things didn’t go how he planned and now he feels even weaker than he did before.

Man’s Wife / Sarah
30, has a high horse feel to her. She thinks absolutely nothing of her husband and is almost certainly having affairs. She wants a man that can take charge and get what he wants, but she’s stuck with Dave, she longs for a different life just as he does, but her coping mechanism is to berate Dave, while his coping mechanism is to obey.

This film acts as our final major project as students, and as such we are passionate about it and want to achieve the highest production value as possible. We're hoping to work with individuals that can become as invested in this project as we are!

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