Actors Needed for Drama Short

Payment Details:



UK Wide


Male, Female

Age Range:

35 to 47

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

A sensitive piece about memory and loss, and the ripples that death leaves behind.

Logline: Moments before killing herself, Lynn (45), is interrupted by a man from her past.

Age: 45yo (35-45)
5”5 - 5”8

Lynn has a comforting face/sweet demeanour/soft features.

Lynn has always been in control of everything in her life. She’s a “to-do-list” and “by the book” kind of person. After losing her soulmate, Lynn’s world is turned upside down, all she wants is to end her life.

Age: 47yo (37-47)
5”8 - 6”1

Rugged but handsome features.

Chris is not at all good at talking about his feelings and prefers to avoid confrontation. Making jokes is often his way of dealing with conflict. After years of fighting a lonesome battle against depression, Chris takes his own life

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