Actor For Storytelling Tour of Italy (Not UK-Based)

Payment Details:



UK Wide


Male, Female

Age Range:

22 to 30

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity


ACLE, an Italian educational association that specialises in English-language projects, is urgently looking to hire an actor for a Storytelling Tour of Italy.

The actor would need to arrive into a Milan airport on 6 January.

The tour consists of three actors who move around Italy by car giving performances and workshops for primary school students and teachers.

Each actor has a maximum of 6 contact-hours per day.

We are looking for an immediate replacement for an actor who is leaving the tour for personal reasons. The tour began in early October 2018 and lasts until mid-May 2019.

Candidates must be a native speaker of English, have an EU passport, and must be able to commit to the full length of the tour. Candidates with a drivers' license are preferred.

In addition, the actor must:

• be energetic and captivating and confident with character acting;
• be passionate about working with children;
• have strong improvisational skills and the ability to multi-role;
• be willing to play and have fun.

Teaching experience or Theatre in Education experience is a plus.

Since the three-week rehearsal period concluded in September, the successful candidate will have a short rehearsal period handled primarily by the two actors who are remaining on the tour.

• €280/week paid monthly performance-based bonus
• €50 flight contribution
• Shared accommodation whilst on tour is provided
• Paid holidays at Easter (18-28 April) and 1 May
• Food is not included

The shows consist of three levels: lower primary (6-8 years of age); middle primary (8-10 years of age); upper primary (10-11 years of age). Levels 1 and 2 require one actor whereas Level 3 is a two-hander. The character of Alex is recurring.

Level 1 synopsis: Alex is reading his favourite story, “A Day at the Zoo,” when a storm blows away all the pictures and letters from his book. Alex leads the students on an adventure to the zoo to find the missing pieces and recompose the story. In the zoo, they meet funny animals who teach them new songs and games and help them on their exciting adventure.

Level 2 synopsis: It is Alex’s birthday, and he is busy preparing for his party. When Alex’s best friend Hammy the Hamster goes missing, Alex sets off on an adventure to solve the mystery of his missing friend with help from the students.

Level 3 synopsis: Alex and his sister have a big, difficult homework project they have to complete for school. The project is about countries of the world, but they only know about Italy. One day a box arrives with unique objects. These objects help them complete their project while taking them on an unforgettable adventure around the world.

Actors work with one class of students at a time (20-30 students). A teacher can book a 60-minute show for the students or a 60-minute show a 30-minute workshop. During the workshop, the actor leads songs and games with the students.

Periodically actors may have a workshop with primary school teachers using the same material and techniques.

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