Absence - Two actors needed for short student film

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Age Range:

18 to 55

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

Two actors are required to take part in a small 5-minute student drama called 'Absence'. A girl between the ages of 18-23 is needed for the character of Robyn, whilst a 35 - 55-year-old woman is needed for the character of Kate, Robyn and Matt's mum. The story breakdown is as follows:

16-year-old Matt has avoided his older sister for as long and as best he can, he thinks she's always the golden girl, his mum's favorite child so, as angry as he is, he chooses to take the righteous path, to show how good he is as a person, and a brother. The older sister, Robyn in the meantime is a University student that is feeling homesick and has decided to go home for the weekend; she wants to see her mum.

Matt makes the trip to her university accommodation, to ‘fetch’ her home for the weekend – this will please his mother. When he arrives, Robyn has already left for the station though. He pursues her, arriving at the station just in time. Matt now watches his sister from afar on the train.

When they arrive at their station, Matt calls after his sister. He runs up to her, offers to carry her bag; she asks him what he is doing there, at the station, Matt avoids the question.

Matt tries to delay his sister, he ‘wants’ some chips and asks her to join him but Robyn just wants to get home, Matt pleads with her, he hasn’t seen her in ages. Robyn is not used to all this attention from her brother and reluctantly agrees, but wants to be quick, she’s tired. He gets them both a bag of chips, they sit on a wall eating them. She begins to tease him the way she always has; this is what big sisters do… Matt feigns enjoyment, through gritted teeth, things are not going to plan.

Matt screws up the last of his chips in their paper and hurries his sister along, he has decided to make the best of a ‘bad’ situation. He suggests they go via the canal, it's quicker. They walk along the canal; Robyn asks again, what was Matt doing at the station. Matt now understands this as an opportunity, he says he had gone to collect her for the weekend, not the whole truth but flattery will get you everywhere. Robyn is slightly taken aback, surely not, what is he up to? She doesn’t believe his story and asks again, but he insists and is now angry that she doesn’t believe what is effectively the truth, he insists but Robyn confronts him, why would he of all people do such a thing, so he shoves her, hard, and she falls into the canal. Matt runs off home. The canal falls silent.

At home Matt enters out of breath, his mother wonders where he has been all this time, his dinner is ruined, and why does he have his sisters bag? Matt searches for an answer, just as his sister walks through the door. Mum is aghast, Robyn looks as though she could kill, and says, ‘Matt thought it might be nice if I came home for the weekend’.

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