'A Dancer Dies Twice' Short Film - Dance Extras

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Expenses Only


UK Wide



Age Range:

16 to 28

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

I am a Film and TV student, final year, at The University of Hertfordshire and the director of my graduate film 'A Dancer Dies Twice'.

The project is a short film that looks into the personal story of two non-biological sisters and represents their passions, trials and tests visually through ballet. We love our story and are very excited to create this film, but to really bring it to life we are looking for extras!

One of our main locations is the dance studio in Oaklands College, Welwyn Garden City, and we are filming there in February half term (the 13th for a rehearsal day, and the 14th and 15th for filming). We are also filming in a theatre in London on the 19th and 20th February in Oxford House, which is a Community and Arts centre.

We are currently looking for ballet dancers to be extras in our film, who will be a part of two short dance sequences, as well as multiple scenes in the dance studio. We are looking for girls aged between 16-25, and no specific grade/level is required! They will get to work with our choreographer Shaun Mendum, who is Elmhurst School for Dance alumni and has choreographed for The London Ballet and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

We will happily pay for all expenses and food on the shoot days, as well as provide costumes for the theatre performances. And of course you will have access to a copy of the final film and any photos/videos taken on the days!

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