2 Male & 2 Female actors/actresses needed for dark drama student film

Payment Details:

To Be Confirmed




Male, Female

Age Range:

17 to 22

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Full Details of Job / Opportunity

The concept of my film is about life in Suburbia but more specifically the darker side to life in the suburbs and the exploration into the darkly strange lives of other people. My idea has been heavily influenced by Black Mirror (2011-present) in the sense that my film will be an anthology that looks into the darker aspects of humanity and society, exploring the twisted/dark sides to everyone and mocking the ‘perfect suburban life’. The film will be composed of 3 short films.

Film 1: The tale of a psychopath who lures a woman to his house where she becomes his next victim.
Film 2: A look into the life of someone who has just awoken from a coma that they have been in for years.
FIlm 3: A story of how a woman exacts her revenge on her cheating husband.

The roles that I am casting are:

Albert: A young rich Patrick Bateman wannabe. Albert is a sophisticated well spoken man who enjoys the finer things in life. He's a smart dresser and likes to think himself the best of the bunch despite the fact that he is mentally unstable.

Zoe: A well spoken upper class girl who enjoys feeding off of others fortune. Zoe isn't as bright as she appears which may be why she is Albert's next victim.

Lisa: A middle class, well spoken house wife who's life consists of keeping her home tidy, being a loyal wife and exacting her revenge on her cheating partner. Lisa is a sweet girl who can mask her true feelings but she has a dark streak within her.

Thomas: A typical business man who is full of himself and believes he can take whatever he wants. Like his wife he too is a middle class well, spoken person but he is keeping a secret that will be his ticket to an early grave.

Payment will be discussed. If you would like to read the script for the role you are applying for please feel free to email me and I will send it to you. Also please note this is a student film.

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