2 Actors Wanted - Two Short Scenes for Museum Content

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Age Range:

30 to 70

This job has now expired, and is no longer available for applications.

Full Details of Job / Opportunity

We are creating two short scenes of film content to interpret the experience of a crew member and passenger on board the SS Great Britain.

The two roles are described below:

AGE: 60’s
LANGUAGE SKILL REQUIRED: This scene will be performed in Cantonese, if possible (although Mandarin will also be acceptable) therefore any actors applying for the role must be fluent and comfortable in speaking either of these languages. As part of the development process we would like to work with the successful candidate to translate the final script from English into Cantonese/Mandarin.
CLASS/ROLE: Steward/Servant
CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: A hard-working, skilful and frankly cheeky labourer who is not afraid to take a risk if it will provide a route home. After living most of his adult years on the island of St. Helena he decides to try his luck aboard the SS Great Britain as a way of reaching China where he hopes to spend his final days.

AGE: 31
NATIONALITY: Scottish (Afro-Caribbean descent)
CLASS: Steerage/ 4th class
CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: A charismatic and well-spoken man, with a penchant for composing poetry, who is barber by trade. He excels in his craft and his services are highly sought after on board. He is travelling back from Melbourne, Australia to Liverpool perhaps making his way home. Jones is of African heritage who earns the respect of his fellow passengers after successfully arguing the case for prosecuting the President of the Southern States of America for upholding slavery in a mock Judge and Jury trial.

Audition scripts will be sent out via email once candidates have been shortlisted.

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