5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Acting Career

5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Acting Career

by Catherine Balavage, posted 5 May 2015

Acting is not an easy career. Many occupations are straightforward: you train, get qualifications and apply for jobs, interviewing until you get one. Not so with acting. After every job you will have to audition again. There is not one job interview with acting but hundreds, if you are lucky that is. Even get auditions is hard. So how can you get around this and jump start your acting career?

Train, Train And Then Train Some More.

You don’t have to do three years at a drama school, and unless it is accredited and one of the brand names like RADA then it might even be a waste of money but you must train. Work on your accents, take an improvisation class, learn a new skill. You must always work on yourself. Study what films and television shows are being made and work out what is in fashion. Are musicals big at the moment? Then work on your singing and dancing. Is a lot of comedy being made? Take a comedy class and do some stand up. Acting is super competitive, stay ahead of the curve.

Have a Good Headshot That Looks Just Like You.

So many actors have head shots that are airbrushed into oblivion. You are an actor, not a model. Get a headshot that looks like a better version of yourself. Airbrushing spots and dark circles is fine but be wary of doing anything else to your headshot. Make sure you also have a colour headshot. Black and white has been the fashion for years but many casting directors are now moving into colour. The American market also use colour headshots, not black and white. Casting is now international. Think of the wider market, not just the UK.

Get Some Experience.

Get all of the experience you can. Work weekends and do student films and fringe theatre just to build up your CV and your experience. This may be hard, especially if you do not come from a wealthy background but just get as much experience as you can. If you are finding it hard to get work then make your own. Work begets work and plenty of actors make their own films or put on their own shows.

Let People Know You Exist.

People can’t hire you if they are not aware of you and your amazing talent. Buy a copy of Contacts or the Actor’s Yearbook and start contacting the casting directors one by one. Include a headshot, the link to your To Be Seen profile and any other useful links. Keep your email short and concise. You can either introduce yourself in one or two paragraphs or put yourself forward for a part that casting director is casting. Include any impressive skills or jobs in the email and remember to attach your CV. Do not send any large attachments in the email, that will just upset the casting director who gets hundreds of emails everyday.

Work On Your Accents.

When you get an audition it can very last minute. If you make sure you are competent at a wide range of accents you will put yourself ahead of the competition. The truth is, most accents are only done well when lots of practice is put in. Think of the roles you tend to audition for when it comes to focusing on certain accents. Good ones to have at your disposal are American and Received Pronunciation.

About The Author

Catherine Balavage has been an actor for over ten years. Her book on acting How To Be a Successful Actor: Becoming an Actorpreneur has gotten numerous five star reviews and has been called the ‘best advice available’ by numerous sources. She is also a writer and the editor of Frost Magazine.

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